Let the record show that George had so many near-death-experiences, his life saved so many times by the grace of God , all the praise and glory to Him for this opportunity to reflect on his life.

The anti-booze in his food without him knowing, the car accidents, the motorbike incident into a bakkie, nothing compares to the day that he was assaulted by 3 guys from Westernburg, Polokwane.

George gave these guys a lift from a nearby barlounge when he was grabbed from behind in his Mercedes. He stopped the car, jumped out and they followed. The one tried to stab him while the other removed the jack from the car. In the dark one of the attackers hit him on the back of his head with the car-jack…

His face hit the ground with stars in his eyes, the attackers removed his leather jacket and jewellery. George recovered on the backseat of the car while they were driving, he was bleeding from the wound on his head, his last thought of his children and he started praying for his life…

This prayer was power beyond his understanding… the attackers stopped the car, jumped out and ran away.

Attorneys are always ready to play the devil’s advocate advising their clients while rumour has it that Moses could not find any attorney in heaven to draw an agreement, fact of the matter is criminal defense attorneys must leave their conscience at home defending some of their clients.

You must never do something that will rape your conscience, these deeds remain with you for the rest of your life. We all have regrets in life, those experiences in our past that keep on haunting us, the burning desire to erase those memories that will stay with us. The alcoholics are the only people who live in denial, their short memories about their misbehaviours last only until the next drink.

George refused to do collections as an attorney because he could not attach the household furniture of debtors with children. In his profession of defending criminals at court, the case of a child molester remains with him. The successful defence of any case is rewarding regardless the crime committed, however when a child was the victim of rape, the success of defence on a technical point in law, feels as horrible as the crime itself… he refuses to take any case of child abuse.

Trouble in George’s life is spelled ALCOHOL! Most the times he landed in hospital from this substance, most of his arrests resulted from being under the influence, most damage in life caused by the alldays-escape-in-his-bottle.

One incident George will rather forget is the day Frikkie Breker came to visit on the farm… this guy was strong, well built and full of himself. After the first bottle of brandy they were arm-wrestling and playing around, then started to hit each other with fists.

The hunting season was over but George could still hear shots fired, he was tired, alone on the farm after his first wife left him. The fight between him and Frikkie got serious, George was hitting him with all his might and frustration. Frikkie was bleeding from the nose and mouth, the mistake he made was to fetch his .38 special from the boot of his car, shooting in the air and pointing this fire-arm at George.

George, standing in front of him, looked up into those blue eyes, ready to kill, realized that he had one shot at this situation… he hit Frikkie with all the power in his right hand, upwards with his fist on his throat… Frikkie fell backwards, the fire-arm skidded on the cement floor and George became more mad at him… hitting him to the outside of the house and Frikkie ran to the road. George, still in a rage, took his .44 magnum and shot the tyres of his car.

The police came about 02H00 in the morning to tow the car away while George was still hiding in the bush. None of the parties involved wanted to file any charges at the SAP, after George paid for damages to Frikkie’s car and medical expenses.

Vino veritas is the true feeling that takes over after consumption of alcohol. Never drink to feel better when you have problems or have to deal with serious issues in your life. The alcohol effects the brain, personality and responsibility and any injustice to yourself will manifest in an irresponsible re-action that you regret the next day.

George went through a long period of aggression while under the influence of alcohol, for some strange reason the breaking of glass soothed his anger. In all the houses that he was staying alone the windows had to be replaced from time to time. The windscreen of any car had to be fisted while he was drunk, the more cracks the better… the manager at the glassfit even gave him discount on new windscreens with regular changes.

Today, George is gratefull for the fact he was able to get rid of his frustration while under the influence of alcohol by breaking glass most of the time, a serious re-action to injustices by people would result in grievious injury or death.

The moral of the story is that you deal with problems when you are in your sober senses, specially while you have a drinking problem.

Alcoholic anonymous

George would neglegt his duty if he does not inform people with a drinking problem or alcoholics how to STOP taking alcohol forever:

There is no quick-fix or easy-way-out of this problem. The only solution is to stop drinking alcohol. This takes hard work, strong will-power, total dedication, endurance against temptation and absolute decision to change your life forever.

The addiction to alcohol or any other drug is habitual over a long period of time and therefore the detoxification of the body may result in withdrawal symptoms during the first two weeks.

All patients are advised to receive medical treatment in proper clinics during the first three weeks of their rehabilitation.


The most important step to rehabilitation is to admit to yourself that you have a problem with alcohol.

Tell your family, friends and co-workers you have this problem and about your intention to stop drinking.

Join any organization to help your recovery.

Receive proper medical treatment during the first two weeks.

Get information about the dangers of alcohol.

Avoid the company of drinking friends.


Your ability to abstain from alcohol for one month is proof of success.

Beware, the first intake of alcohol after this period will result in over indulgement.

Any relapse must be followed up with a serious intention and persistence to stay sober for another month.

Every day that you stay sober at this stage is your victory.

After being sober for six months the benefits will speak for themselves.


Your body recovered completely.

Your life-style is sound sleep, better food and more exercise.

Your productivity improved.

Be jealous of your sobriety, never forget your habitual experience with alcohol and always be on your guard for people with bad influence.

Enjoy your life with real friends.

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